1796 Pattern British Infantry Sabre IUS-S-140

Manufacturer: ARMORER
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1796 Pattern British Infantry Sabre

When the British Army standardized the swords to be carried by infantry officers in 1796 this is
the sword they settled on; a spadroon-like cut-and-thrust sword with simple, but elegant
Georgian styling that hearkened back to the Smallswords carried by gentlemen in earlier times.
In just four years following, the blade was at the hip of practically all British Line Infantry
Officers. Regardless of the standardization of form, the blades varied in their width and in their
engraved decoration. Though widespread, it was not regarded as a good combat blade despite
being used through the entirety of Britain’s contests with France in the Napoleonic Era. It would
not be officially replaced until 1822 by the more elaborate ‘’Gothic-Hilted’’ sword and before
then many officers had opted to acquire the 1803 Pattern sabre instead.


Total length: 97,03 cm
Blade length: 79,25 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.150 kg

This replica of the 1796 British Infantry Officer sword has a blade of unsharpened, tempered
high carbon steel. Both sides of the blade feature the embossed symbol of the British Crown
surmounted extensively by royal devices and floral motifs. It has a hilt of brass and a grip
wrapped in copper wire that is plated with silver. Half of the guard is hinged and folds for ease
of carry at the hip. The scabbard is of leather with brass accents.