Admiral Nelson Fighting Spadroon IUS-S-107

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €151.97 / szt. €186.92 / szt.
Admiral Nelson Fighting Spadroon

This Naval Spadroon is a replica of the one worn by the wax mannequin of Lord Nelson on
display at Westminster Abbey that was placed there in 1806. Spadroons of this style were
common and popular among naval officer’s of Nelson’s day. The Naval Spadroon was fast and
light, tapered just enough to make for quick thrusts on ship confines, yet wide enough to be an
effective slasher. It had just enough heft to ward off the heavier cutlasses used by the lower
ranking crews of fighting ships. The 5-ball knuckle guard doubled as an excellent knuckle duster.


Total length: 100,33 cm
Blade length: 81,28 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1200 kg

This replica of Nelson’s Spadroon has an unsharpened, tempered blade of high carbon steel.
The guard and pommel are of brass and the grip is of faux ivory with a centred brass plate. It
comes with a leather scabbard with brass accents and hanging rings.