British 1814 Pattern Household Cavalry Officers Sword

Manufacturer: ARMORER
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British 1814 Pattern Household Cavalry Officers Sword

The Life Guard and the Royal Horse Guards are the elite Household Cavalry of Britain. Their
war gear reflects their lauded status, and they ride astride well-groomed horses, with tall
plumed helms and colourful sashes. Regiments of the Household Cavalry fought in the
Napoleonic Wars, and most admirably at Waterloo as part of the charge of the British Heavy
This is the 1814 Pattern of the Household Cavalry Officer’s Sword and it borrows much of its
styling from the Prussian military ‘’Pallasch’’ swords. This was the type of blade in the hands of
the Officers of the Household Cavalry at the Battle of Waterloo.


Total length: 114,30 cm
Blade length: 96,52 cm
Weight with scabbard: 2300 kg

This 1814 Pattern Household Cavalry Officer’s Sword has an unsharpened blade of high carbon
steel. The base of the blade is inscribed with a replica blade maker inscription; ‘’HAMBURGER &
Co’’. It has a hilt of brass and a grip wrapped in black leather and overlaid with twisted brass
wire. The wood-core scabbard is wrapped in black leather and accented with an integrated
brass sheath with two brass hanging rings.