FENRIR, viking wolf pendant, bronze BHJ176

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €25.55 / szt. €31.43 / szt.

The model is made to order. Preparation time for shipment about 2-3 weeks from payment.


Fenrir - the Viking Wolf. The fate of this mythological wolf is to fight with Odin during Ragnarök. Jewel is inspirated by the viking art style Borre (named after the locality in Norway, IX. - X. century). Fenrir is the eldest son of the god Loki and the giantess Angrboda. The Gods have bound Fenrir, but his fate is to grow long enough, until the bonds loosen, and then he'll swollow Odin during Ragnarök. Size: 1.8. x 3.4 cm. Wolf symbolizes the strength, endurance and the freedom. This pednant is suitable for women and men. Material: bronze.