French Cavalry Officer`s Saber IUS-S-145

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €127.20 / szt. €156.45 / szt.

French Cavalry Officer`s Saber IUS-S-145

This French saber looks like a 19th century Napoleonic French Cavalryman’s sword, it is in fact a

more modern incarnation. The French F1 saber was created in the 20th century for military

parades and ceremonies, and is heavily based on the AN IX sword of Napoleon’s day. Its

similarity has fooled many, but the main difference in design is that the blade is less curved

than the original and slightly shorter. While the original would have been reserved for cavalry,

the F1 can be seen throughout the modern army and its military schools. The AN IX was the first

sword to incorporate the three-bar hilt design that would become very popular throughout

western militaries of the day. A classic and elegant sword, it is easy to see why the French

would reboot the AN IX (and the very similar AN XI) to showcase their martial professionalism.




Total length: 99,06 cm

Blade length: 82,30 cm

Weight with scabbard: 1.600 kg



This recreation of the French F1 Saber has an unsharpened, tempered blade of high carbon

steel. Inscribed onto its spine is the script ‘’Sabre D’Officier M. F1’’ The hilt is of brass. Unlike

the original AN IX, the F1 had a grip crafted from a glossy, black, plastic-like polymer. This is


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