14.5" World War Gurkha Issue Rust Free Full Tang Blade EKH-GACI-001A

Manufacturer: Nepal
Net Price: €167.63 / szt. €206.19 / szt.

This is 14.5" World War or Dehradoone with wooden handle khukuri/kukri. This khukuri/kukri is the heavy working replica version of the khukuri/kukri carried by Gurkhas in hand-to-hand combat in the jungle of Burma during the 2nd Wrold War. It is a historic khukuri/kukri. This khukuri/kukri was originated in Nepal but later Indian Gurkha Army applied it. The blade is heavier and more curved than the current khukuri/kukri issued to Gurkhas. With its origin in Nepal this World War or Dehradoone was later imitated by the Indian Gurkha Army in Dehradoon during World War II. Its popularity was such that Nepal could not meet the mammoth demand hence Dehradoon took over and started producing it in a large scale. This is how the World War is also known as "Dehradoone" khukuri/kukri. So the combined name for this khukuri/kukri comes from World War and Dehradoon and since the balde of this khukuri/kukri is made "Rust Free" therefore this khukuri/kukri is called World War or Dehradoone Rust Free khukuri/kukri. This World War or Dehradoone khukuri/kukri has one of the most beautiful shape due to more curve shape in the front part of the blade. It is slightly larger than the current khukuries/kukris issued to Gurkhas, this is because it was mostly used in Wrold War. This 14.5" World War or Dehradoone has 14.5" long blade made from highly graded carbon steel and the handle is 6" long made from Sadhan wood. It has full flat tang blade which means that the metal of the blade fully goes through the handle to the end for maximum strength and Sadhan wood pieces are glued to the handle part and further riveted with white metal to strengthen the whole fixture. The blade of this khukuri/kukri is made Rust Free so that the blade does not get rusted. Other shiny blades have to be cleaned properly after using because they may get rusted if we don't clean it properly after using or if we don't take well care of the blade but this kind of Rust Free blade; the blade does not get rusted even if we don't clean it after using. So the Rust Free blades have low risk of getting rusted.
Material Used Highly Graded Carbon Steel(car & jeep leaf spring, 5160) for blade, Refine Water Buffalo Leather for Scabbard (outside), Rosewood and Water buffalo bone for handle, Pinewood for Scabbard (inside) and "Laha"(Nepali Traditional Glue).
Blade Size and Type 14.5" OR 36.83cm, Highly Grade Carbon Steel 5160, Rust Free Blade.
Handle Size and Type 6" or 15.24 cm, Full tang made of Rosewood.
Upper Spine 5 mm.
Lower Spine 3 mm.
Handle Circumference 5 Inch.
Belly 3.25 Inch.
Hardness of steel spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=58-60 RC.
Weight(Gms) 1000.0000