Imperial Huzarska SABRE Generalska IUS-S-195

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €160.53 / szt. €225.40 €197.45 / szt.

Imperial Huzarska SABRE Generalska IUS-S-195

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NOTE model forged hardened HAND. Perfectly balanced FOR fencing
SABRE IS NOT sharpened but it suited SHARPENING

Overall length: 103 cm
The length of the scabbard: 89 cm
Hilt length: 15 cm
Blade length: 84 cm
The width of the blade of the handle 3 cm
The thickness of the blade of the handle: 0.5 cm

Weight with scabbard: 1.8 kg
Weight without scabbard: 1.1 kg

Blade: High Carbon Steel: 1060, polished (maintenance required) smooth on both sides without engraving
Handle: wood corrugated, brass, leather, black, copper wire decorative
scabbard: in the middle of wood, on the outside polished steel - maintenance free

We present you this interesting specimen saber French which is a unique example of craftsmanship and sophisticated ornamentation armourers Napoleonic period.

This exact replica of the blade is hand forged and tempered high carbon steel. The blade slightly tapering downwards is smooth on both sides.
The handle made of brass richly engraved imperial motives and associated with a large army (wooden cladding) with core covered with black leather dragged brass wire. Vagina Timber frame is made of steel along the entire length of the two ryfkami with moving earrings. Leather gland at the base of the blade hilt protects against damage by a steel neck sheath.