Knights of St. John Sword with scabbard CIRCA 1565R (WS501226)

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €243.80 / szt. €299.88 / szt.


Knights of St. John Sword with scabbard CIRCA 1565R

This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).

Manufacturer: armorer (WS501226)

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Malta continued its work in 1530 when had emperor Karol V permission. The Rhode’s cavalry expelled from Rhodes Island by Ottoman Empire found new state on Malta. In 1565 was a great invasion of Malta by the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. St Johns Order, thanks to heroic defence, with this sword in hand fight off the occupies army.




Length: 101 cm

Weight: 1 kg


The massive blade is narrower to the down part of the sword. Large guard, slightly arched with arms point downward. The grip wrapped by genuine leather for better handle. The pommel with a cross of Malta’s Military Hospitaller Order.


The scabbard made of wood with a natural leather cover strengthened by steel fittings.