German knife trench from World War I with scabbard steel D-222

Manufacturer: ARMORER
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German knife trench from World War I with scabbard steel D-222

During World War I, it turned out that the long bayonets are bulky and not very effective during the battles Root. For this reason, next to the bayonets began to use knives with blades of about 15 cm. This weapon proved to be more effective and manageable in close battles in narrow trenches. Officially produced for the needs of the German army amounts of the knife was too small. Many soldiers began to procure this model on their own looking for them among the manufacturers of kitchen knives and butcher. Parallel supply deepened the crisis, which caused that the industry was unable to meet demand. The result was the formation within the front workshops and forges field, which began to produce fodders and improvised combat knives made of shortened bayonets. According to estimates, during World War I produced about 27 models of the knife with different dimensions and design.


Single-blade structure

hilt steel

Handle with facings of wood mounted on two rivets the milling

At the edge of the producer: GOTTLIEB HAMMESFAHR SOLINGEN Foch and quality control.

The length of the vagina: 28.3 cm

Length without scabbard: 26,3 cm
Blade length: 15 cm
The length of the handle: 11.5 cm

Weight with scabbard: 0.33 kg

Weight without scabbard: 0.23 kg


carbon steel blade polished - maintenance free

THE scabbard: polished steel is maintenance - leather handle attached to the scabbard