Officers SABRE GEN. From 1920 W. Sikorski R. ON BOARD

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €80.01 / szt. €98.41 / szt.

SABRE POLAND Officers GEN. W.SIKORSKI wz 1920 WITHOUT scabbard on decorative board



Officers sabre gen. from 1920 w. sikorski r. on board

Manufacturer: SPANISH DEPARTMENT armourers


This sabre is a perfect replica of gift sabre of general Sikorski. General Sikorski received it  in 1920 to his name-day from his subordinates – 22nd Infantry Regiment. Originality and uniqueness of this weapon is associated with a fact that it was made for this special celebration by Warsaw firm of G. Borowski. Sabres from this works characterized one brass-cast form handle. Today the original is in the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.


Length: 93 cm
Weight: 1,2 kg

The handle of this gift sabre is completely closed. It was casted from brass into the one form. The cross-guard decorated by floral ornament. It has beautiful, original form.
The pommel is in the shape of eagles breast (head and neck) with the crown which is the nut fastened the blade to the handle. To the handle is linked decorative tassel. 
This sabre has flat blade, with a fuller from forte to foible. The feather is one-edged, slightly showed. On the blade is engraved eagle from Polish national emblem. Below is inscription “FOR HOMELAND HONOUR”. Second side of the blade is smooth, able to engraving.

The set also includes a wooden tablo.


Manufacturer: armorer




Material: plywood

length: 100 cm
height: 18 cm

WEIGHT: 1.6 kg

A set of brass handles in the set.

Tablo gives you the possibility hang a sword horizontally or vertically.