PIRATES GUN In the eighteenth century flintlock. (1103/L)

Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
Net Price: €33.50 / szt. €41.20 / szt.

This model is an exact replica of the original, which can give additional empty-dry shot (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: Denix Spain (1103/L)

length 36 cm
weight: 0.6 kg

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, which prevents the alteration of a firearm (as defined in the Law on weapons and ammunition).

The handle is made of natural wood.

Pirates pack of sea, wreaking terror. Before you privateer pirate flintlock pistol. Nobody słyszałby about their successes, if not great models of weapons they possessed, including pirate flintlock pistol. The replica, which you have the opportunity to admire the pirate flintlock pistol, carefully made from the finest materials by the company deserved Denix. It should have it in your own collection.


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