German WWI Demag Mauser Bayonet IUS-B-404

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €47.63 / szt. €63.35 €58.59 / szt.

Often referred to as the ‘’Demag’’ trench knife because of its manufacturer markings (Deutsch Maschienfabrik AG - DEMAG), this unique German bayonet is sometimes called the crank-handle bayonet. This ‘’Ersatz’’ (meaning makeshift) bayonet was not issued to German troops in WWI - It was a private purchase item. Many German soldiers bought them to use instead of the standard M-1898 bayonet.

The Demag was more useful as a multipurpose tool then the longer, thinner M-1898. Besides being mountable onto the end of rifles, it could be removed and intuitively used as a fighting knife. The term Ersatz is a reference to its construction, which was wholly utilitarian - a simple grip of riveted stamped steel to keep purchasing costs low and factory output high. The grips were usually painted a field gray or olive drab color.

This replica Demag bayonet has an unsharpened blade of high carbon steel. The guard and grip are of steel. It comes with a steel scabbard with an integrated belt loop of leather with a steel button to secure the knife in place.