Russian scouts knife wz 1942 World War II with the scabbard D-216

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Russian scouts knife wz 1942 World War II with the scabbard D-216


This weapon was introduced in the Soviet Army order of People's Commissar of Defence of the USSR No. 483/40. Before the war model was produced in Leningrad - during the war, production was transferred to the Soviet Union. Model this knife unit received Polish People's Army. The knife is commonly called knives Finnish (from the Finnish-Soviet war) or "ZiK" from the name of the Leningrad Kirov plant that produced this model. Polish Partisan Staff appointed in 1944 received its disposal about 30,000 of these knives to troops operating behind enemy lines.


REPLICA - MODEL FULLY FUNCTIONAL - the model is not sharpened but is suitable for sharpening

Single-blade structure

The guard steel bent into the shape of the letter "S"

The handle of a wooden core contoured to the shape of the hand - smooth historically covered with asphalt paint


The length of the scabbard: 28.5 cm

Length without scabbard: 26,2 cm
Blade length: 15 cm
Hilt length: 11 cm
Blade width at the base: 22 mm
Blade thickness: 3mm

Weight with scabbard: 0.19 kg

Weight without scabbard: 0.15 kg


carbon steel blade polished - maintenance free

Scabbard: wood, metal fittings, the scabbard is attached handle (breaststroke) belt