SWORD parade Napoleonic (K126)

Manufacturer: SPAIN
Net Price: €45.57 / szt. €65.43 €56.05 / szt.

SWORD parade Napoleonic

This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: Spain (K126)

Ceremonial sword of the Napoleon Bonaparte. The French Emperor – the perfect strategist and artilleryman with his military achievement gained fear all over the Europe. Mentioned in the Polish National Anthem: “Bonaparte has given us the example of how we should prevail”.


Length: 90 cm
Weight: 1,1 kg

This decorative replica was made of zinc and aluminum alloy. The hilt is golden colored, richly decorated by ornamentation. At the middle part of the grip is side of the Napoleon’s face. At the center of the guard is engraved imperial eagle. The blade is narrow, narrower proportionally to the top.

The set includes scabbard made of plastic material.


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