VIKING WARRIOR, Klahammar, Replica, bronze pendant BHJ441

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €24.47 / szt. €30.10 / szt.

The model is made to order. Preparation time for shipment about 2-3 weeks from payment.


This pendant is a bronze replica of an artefact found in a cremation grave, Klahammar, Överselö, Södermanland, Central Sweden in 2016. Besides the silver pendant, the site contained bronze jewellery, a comb, beads, an ironing board made of whale bone and many animal bones. This pendants represents a first axeman miniature in Scandinavia. It shows a nobleman in splendid clothes who holds a two-handed axe and a sword in his hands.

Material: bronze
Size: 1.9 x 2.9 cm
Weight: 4.5g
Hidden bale (4 x 6mm)
Replica of a very recent archaeological find