Replica weapons online sword shop offers a wide range of products, not only swords, also firearms and other cold steel – each our replica of weapons is made with due diligence for the smallest details, copied exactly from the original artefact. If you want to buy a melee weapon, we highly recommend you the Viking sword. Moreover, some of our weapons can be used during the trainings, for example, the Roman sword which was used by the legionaries and gladiators in ancient times or other glorious and very popular samurai sword also known as katana sword - Japanese sword which was the samurais’ favourite weapon. Furthermore, we recommend templar swords – specially chosen models which were made with due diligence for the smallest details, they just look like the original swords. Each sword in our store is a high quality replica which provides that every collector will be satisfied. Moreover, well made and exposed replica is also a beautiful and unique decoration of the room. You can easily display our swords replicas with special hangers, hooks, racks and decorative boards which all are available in our store. Our swords are also a great idea for an original gift. offers also great reproductions of shields and armour of any kind. In our store you can find armour and shield that was used by Romans, Greeks and Templars. Each replica is a high quality product – a real treat for collectors and lovers of historical weapons. Thinking about enthusiasts of firearms, we offer among others: handguns, shotguns, rifles, including the popular flintloc pistol. This replica becomes an amazing and unique decoration of every room if only you display it properly.

In our store you can find great presents for everyone. Our offer is constantly enriched with new replicas, thus your collection will grow in strength delighting you with pride.

Most popular:

  • Armor replica

    - Armor was crucial for warriors throughout the ages, as it protected them from injuries, therefore, it even saved their lives. It was difficult to reach a compromise between its hardness and lightness, as it could not have blocked soldier's moves, making him unable to fight. Hence, it underwent numerous changes. In our shop, you can find, for instance, ancient Greek or Roman, as well as Medieval armor replica. Offer History

  • Roman sword

    - Gladius was the famous Roman sword that constituted the basis of the legionaries' equipment. Thanks to the most efficient length and an adequately developed blade, a soldier could precisely thrust or cut the enemy. It was also highly decorative, especially when it comes to the exemplars owned by high officers. Later, gladius was replaced by a longer variant called spatha. If you would like to have your own Roman swords, you can order our marvellous replicas. Offer History

  • Shield replica

    - A shield was invented as early as in the Bronze Age and it was extremely important to every warrior. Namely, it helped him to avoid injuries, what could have saved his life in many cases. First models were most commonly made of wicker, leather or wood and then, metal became the most dominant material for their production. We store numerous exemplars of a shield replica, for example those based on the armaments of ancient Greeks or Romans, Vikings and Templars. Offer History

  • Viking swords

    - Until now, the oldest found Viking swords come from the seventh century AD. They helped the warriors of the North in their expansion, because they were really excellent weapons. The finest exemplars carry the name ULFBERHT, which may have been a kind of a brand. They were not only very effective, but amazingly ornamented as well. Our replicas of Viking swords are perfect both for historical reenactment and for decorative purposes.
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  • Flintlock pistol replica

    - Thanks to the simple flintlock mechanism, firearms started to be common in the seventeenth century. They could have been loaded in advance and kept in such state for some time, what was a huge advantage of this technique. Flintlock pistols were popular among cavalry, but not exclusively – there were also models for men's and women's self-defence. You can find out how they weighted in hand and how beautiful they were, if you order our amazing flintlock pistol replica. Offer History

  • Historical sword replica

    - There many kinds of a historical sword replica available in our shop. For instance, you can order the exact copies of ancient models, used by Spartan soldiers or Roman legionaries. We also stock models based on Medieval weapons, used by Templars, Vikings or other warriors. Moreover, there are replicas of the swords associated with such famous historical figures as Christopher Columbus, Hugues de Payens or Richard the Lionheart. Offer History

  • Samurai sword: katana

    - Apart from replicas of European weapons, you can also get an outstanding copy of the samurai sword, which is well-known worldwide as katana. It was a highly efficient weapon that could have literally cut the opponent in two pieces. What is more, the Japanese warriors used katana not only for offensive, but also defensive purposes and that is the reason why they have never needed any shields. This sword had a symbolic meaning for a samurai as well, because it was said to carry his soul. Offer History

  • Templar swords

    - The Knights Templar were one of the most powerful religious orders in the past and even the French king had to take them into account. In the heyday of this Order, the brothers knights not only took part in the Crusades, but also protected pilgrims in the Holy Land and defended the places worshipped by Christians. One of the main weapons of the Knights Templar was a famous sword, which carried a symbol of the Order on its blade.
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