Armor replica and Chainmails Knights

The following section presents you with replica chain mail and armor. The offer Roman armor replica - lorica segmentata steel and leather, Roman armor officer, armor muscular gladiators, Greek armor, breastplates and armor of the Knights Templar, hussar armor, armor royal tournament armor, chainmail and Roman knights, and many other interesting models.

Armor has been always crucial for soldiers throughout history, because it helps to protect them from damages in a battle. In the ancient times it consisted mostly of a helmet and a cuirass, in the medieval era a chainmail was often added. Mail was particularly effective in protecting against wounds inflicted by piercing and thrusting weapons. Armor evolved vividly mostly because of the technological and economic necessities.

Every armor replica in our shop is exactly copied from the original, in 1:1 dimension. They are very popular in historical reenactment and among military and history enthusiasts. Thanks to our products, you can become familiar with the true reality of a given era. No matter if you are interested in Greek and Roman ancient times or medieval Europe (including the Knights Templar), you will certainly find something that will catch your attention.

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