Bertrand Du Guesclin Sword with scabbard CIRCA 1380r (WS501230)

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €281.75 / szt. €346.55 / szt.

Bertrand Du Guesclin Sword with scabbard CIRCA 1380r



This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: armorer (WS501230)

After the crushing defeat at Poitiers, France was unable to field a large army against the English invaders for some years and fought a long, desperate guerrilla war. However, in 1380 Bertrand Du Guesclin, called the “Eagle of Brittany” mustered a large irregular force and drove Chateauneuf-De-Randon . It is for that tenacious old general’s last battle that we have named this beautiful bastard sword.




Length: 105 cm

Weight: 1 kg


The well-tempered high carbon steel blade is also etched three-quarters of the way down the fuller with a period floral pattern.The parts are steel with an etched pattern on the pommel. Wood grip is wrapped in marbled dark brown leather as is the decorative scabbard.


Brown leather sword belt and scabbard are included.