GERMAN DAGGER SS WZ1933 W.W. II Denix 4035

Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
Manufacturer's code: 8435089740356
Net Price: €41.51 / szt. €51.06 / szt.

GERMAN DAGGER SS WZ1933 W.W. II Denix 4035

Producer: Denix

Overall length: 37.5 cm

Blade length: 21.5 cm

Thickness of the blade at the handle: approx. 4 mm

Weight: about 290 grams

Material: zinc and aluminum alloy and plastic


The offered item is intended for collector, reconstruction, film and educational purposes. The offer does not propagate Nazi, fascist, communist and totalitarian ideas, nor any other ideas, whatever they may be. The subject of the offer also does not express our views and beliefs. The subject of this offer is historical, collectable, educational and can be used for film or theater productions, all kinds of official stagings organized by organized groups of historical and battle reenactors.