Katana - Samurai sword

Here we present you a wide range of decorative katana character. Replica Katana swords differ in each type of steel used for their production. Samurai sword's blade parts are made of stainless steel, and some types of high carbon steel. Scabbard are mostly made from hard wood models for other plastic. The offer also sets the maintenance and sharpening. The katana sword can buy single or double stands (department shop of the same name).

Katana is well-known as a very impressive samurai sword. A curved blade of one side only is very characteristic for this weapon. First records about its usage come from the Kamakura Period (1185-1333). It gained popularity among samurai because of the changes in the close-combat warfare. The success depended on a faster draw of the sword and a quicker stroke. Katana sword enabled them to grab the weapon and wound the enemy in just one motion. Its later variants were also used commonly by Japanese troops in the World War II. However, they were produced with more modern and faster methods.

Katana used by the samurai had not only military meaning, but also a spiritual one. It was said to carry his soul and it was passed from generation to generation. It was treated almost like a living deity. The most noble specimens were even given god names. In the present times, katana is still approached with huge respect and even a kind of mysticism.

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