Mercenary Schiavona Half Basket Hilt Sword (WS501545)

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €292.89 / szt. €360.26 / szt.

Mercenary schiavona half basket hilt sword (ws501545)

MThe magnificent Schiavona style sword was quite popular throughout Europe, however, it was the favorite weapon of choice for Venetian mercenaries. Our version, hand forged in high carbon steel, is a true work of art. The guard and scabbard fittings have been darkened to a battle finish. Soft, rich black leather wraps the handle and an antique brass pommel finishes off the grip. However, it is the 26 intricate, antique brass florets adorning the half basket hilt guard that truly enhance this sword. A floral engraving on the throat and tip of the black leather scabbard are beautiful finishing touches. 

Overall Length: 39-1/4"
Blade Length: 33-1/2"
Blade Width: 1-3/4"
Blade Thickness: 7/32"
Weight: 2 lbs 12 oz
Grip Length: 4"
Point of Balance: 11" from handle
Steel: 1065 High Carbon