Polish saber Orla Jan III Sobieski XVII century

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €97.51 / szt. €119.94 / szt.

Polish saber Orla Jan III Sobieski XVII century


KLING: HIGH-CARBON STEEL 1045 polished (requires maintenance)

On the blade, a beautiful ornament on one side and the inscription Glory Only To God. 

The other side of the blade is smooth


SCABBARD: wooden trimmed with black natural leather. Brass fittings engraved on both sides do not require maintenance

Handle: brass, finished with a decorative head in the form of a crowned eagle's head.

The eagle holds in its beak a decorative brass chain connected to the guard


Total length in the scabbard: about 96.5 cm

The length of the saber without scabbard: about 92 cm

Blade length: approx. 79 cm
Handle length: approx. 14 cm

Blade thickness at the handle: 5 mm

Blade width at the handle: 3.6 cm
Weight with scabbard: approx. 1.55 kg
Weight without scabbard: 1.16 kg
Scabbard weight: about 0.38 kg


The saber loosely bases its construction on period models.

The saber is not sharpened or adapted for sharpening (not suitable for fencing). The blade is made of polished Toledan steel. Polishing is performed to obtain a uniform, matt, smooth structure. We recommend that from time to time the blade must be conserved with a very thin layer of olive or other greasing agent (this will help maintain the high quality of the product).