Princess of Wales Regiment Officer's 30th Dragoon Saber IUS-S-157

Manufacturer: ARMORER
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Princess of Wales Regiment Officer's 30th Dragoon Saber

Item History and Description (IUS157) –

The British Light Dragoon Sabre is a reproduction of the swords wielded by the Princess of
Wales 30th Light Dragoon Regiment from 1794-1796. A very similar sword was carried by the
10th Prince of Wales LDR. These ‘’knuckle-bow’’ swords were commonly issued to the British
Light Cavalry. The origin of this design is not known - it seems French in style but an Austrian
Hussar regiment had of a similar, early design.
Before 1914 officer’s swords in the British Army were not officially issued - they purchased their
own blades privately. Prior to that in 1788, they were required to have swords uniform with the
regiment. Though required to have similar swords with their men, the officers distinguished
their blades with decor and etching over the more plan trooper sabres, such as the
reproduction offered here. The Guard of the blade displays ‘’OR Princess of Wales’s Light
Dragoons XXX’’ the reverse side bears the cypher of the Princess of Wales with the motto ‘’Ich
Dien’’ - meaning ‘’I serve’’.


Total length: 107,44 cm
Blade length: 85,60 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1.770 kg

The blade of this sabre is crafted from unsharpened, tempered high carbon steel. The guard
and pommel are of steel and the wooden grip sandwiched over the tang is of wood with a
cross-hatch etched grip. The scabbard is of black leather over wood that is covered by an
extensive steel sleeve. It has two steel hanging rings.