Richly decorated VIKING SWORD (543)

Net Price: €124.15 / szt. €152.71 / szt.



Richly decorated VIKING SWORD

This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).

Manufacturer: armorer Spanish (543)

length 96 cm
weight: 2 kg

This model is made of steel coated with chromium Toledan .. The sword is not sharpened or adapted for sharpening.

Price does not apply to images presented on the stand

If anyone wonders why the Vikings in the ninth century had conquered most of the civilized world, it helps to know that in part responsible for this is ... a system of inheritance. The eldest son took over the inheritance from his father, and the younger he had to fight for their own land. And so set off into the world to his sword to fight for a piece of land for themselves. A replica of a Viking sword with a decorative handle may resemble those intrepid sea conquerors.