Roman sword

The offer swords Roman gladius type of scabbards or without them. Many replica swords are military models used by legionnaires (including officers gladiusy with beautiful scabbards). The offer you can also find models used by the gladiators. As a supplement you can buy racks and belts and pendants in sections of the same name. In addition, in our store you can buy Roman sword, chainmail armor lorica segment of steel or leather, pilum spears and helmets from different periods of the Roman Empire.

Gladius origins from the Celtic Europe and later was adopted by the ancient Romans. After applying the military reforms of Gaius Marius, it became an obligatory element of a basic legionary equipment. This Roman sword was most commonly used for thrusting, cutting and chopping during a battle. It was usually made of steel with diverse amount of carbon content and had a pointed, double-edged blade. For production of the hilt called “capullus”, ancient Romans used wood, ivory or bronze.

Stabbing with gladius, particularly in the abdominal part of the body, caused death most of the times, so the legionaries very often killed their enemies in that way. It is said that a Macedonian King Philip V was extremely horrified when he saw people defeated with the use of this sword. It shows that gladius stoked respect in the ancient world.

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