RUSSIAN TO SABRE shashka fencing WZ 1934 IUS-S-123

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €124.15 / szt. €152.71 / szt.

RUSSIAN TO SABRE shashka fencing WZ 1934 IUS-S-123

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NOTE model forged hardened HAND. Perfectly balanced FOR fencing
SABRE IS NOT sharpened but it suited SHARPENING

Overall Length: 100cm
Scabbard length: 86 cm
Hilt length: 14 cm
Blade length: 82.5 cm
The width of the blade of the handle 3 cm
The thickness of the blade of the handle: 0.5 cm

Weight with scabbard: 1.35 kg
Weight without scabbard: 0.86 kg

Blade: High Carbon Steel: 1060, polished (maintenance-free) on both sides smooth
Handle: Molded wood notched rest rich brass engraving
Scabbard: timber frame, natural leather, brass fittings with space for bayonet

Russian shashka (Шашка) originates from the Caucasus. It owes its name adygejskiemu Сащхъуэ word, meaning a long knife. Used during the Caucasian wars, adopted the armament of the Russian army in the 30s nineteenth century.


Presented replica is characterized by a low curved blade. The handle is forged golden head in the form of a bird's head and at the base. Wooden handle, fluted.
The scabbard covered with black leather and reinforced fittings gold with two ryfkami. On the pledge of the blade on both sides of the signature and designation as the original. On both sides of the handle also signs typical of this model.


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