Shield replica

The following collection of shields of knights, Viking, Roman and Greek. Replica wheels are made of hard wood combined with steel or brass or stainless steel. Every shield is a typically made replica on a scale of 1:1 in relation to historical patterns.

A shield is a kind of personal armor, meant to prevent the attacks performed both by distant and close-combat weapon. Their size can be very diverse, from huge ones covering the whole body to small models having 15-45 cm in diameter. Their thickness also varies, depending on the purpose. If they were produced to protect from spears or crossbow belts, their structure was relatively deep. While shields made for intercepting blade strikes were usually lighter and thinner. Depending on the cultural and historical context, the shields could be round, square, rectangular, oval or of other shapes.

The oldest found specimens of shields originate from the Bronze Age. However, they seem to have performed more ceremonial than military role. In the ancient times and Middle Ages times it was widely used in many cultures. For instance, Spartans used an aspis, a bowl-shaped shield made of wood and reinforced with bronze for their famous Greek Phalanx formation. Scuta, characteristic for the Roman legionaries, was shaped firstly as an oval and developed into a rectangular. They used it for their defending formation called testudo. You can order a precise Greek or Roman shield replica in our shop, as well as for example Viking or Celtic ones.

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