Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
Net Price: €87.44 / szt. €107.55 / szt.


Dimensions: 50 cm
Weight: 1487 g


Reproduction of a short rifle made of metal and wood with a simulated loading and firing mechanism.

The sawed-off shotgun was a short, lever-operated repeating rifle, that is, it allowed several shots to be fired before reloading, ejecting a used cartridge case and replacing it with a new one, actuating a lever attached to the trigger guard; hence the reason for the term "bolt-action rifle".

This operation is a closure with a horizontal movement where the needle is lined up; the lower lever, when activated, unlocks the closure and then moves it back, revealing the lock, giving space for the lifting plate and securing the hammer from the rear. At the end of the rearward movement, the closure causes the bullet to travel from the magazine to the pick-up plate, and then the reciprocating movement of the lever forwards lifts the plate, placing the ball in front of the breech, where it is pushed into the battery by the closure. The last upward movement of the lever locks the slide back into the shooting position.

The design of this model was a return to its origins, using shorter revolver cartridges that produced less pressure. It also contained an action that was much more resistant than the first Henry rifles.

This rifle was used by Josh Randall, the character of Steve McQueen in the TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958-1961). So this weapon was also known as the Randall Special.

Immerse yourself in the American western with a historical reproduction of this DENIX short rifle, a weapon highly appreciated by historical reenactors and gun collectors!


Our replicas of firearms are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt them to firing any ammunition (our replicas do not have any features of a firearm within the meaning of the Act on weapons and ammunition). It is not a real weapon deprived of functionalities within the meaning of the Act on Weapons and Ammunition, where the process of decommissioning is strictly regulated by law (special gunsmith workshops, etc.). Our replicas are not weapons or their modifications and can be purchased as replicas without permission. The firearms replicas in our store are decorative items only.