SHORT SWORD with sheath XIPHOS Spartan 5th century BC (WS401178)

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €119.60 / szt. €147.11 / szt.



SHORT SWORD with sheath XIPHOS Spartan VW PNE

This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: armorer (WS401178)

It’s a sansational replica of a Spartan sword Xiphos. Popular weapon on the Helladic territory form I Millennium BC. Used mostly in the 5th century BC during the wars with Persia and Peloponnesian War in 431-404 BC.




Length: 38 cm

Weight: 0,5 kg


The blade is double-edged wider at the base and at the foible with cylindrical shape. The guard is pointed downward. The whole hilt is casted of bronze, like its antique original.


The scabbard is wooden, covered by natural leather and strengthened by bronze fitting with two rings and tabs, antique style.