SURVIVAL Monocular 10-30x25 WATERPROOF BAK4 1015

Net Price: €17.71 / szt. €21.78 / szt.

SURVIVAL Monocular 10-30x25 WATERPROOF BAK4 1015

We present you with a very interesting model irreplaceable during any trip or hunting but also useful every day.

You can always have a monocular at hand. This handy and discreet, small telescope is ideally suited for outdoor enthusiasts who want to be even closer to nature but also during hunting or sports shows.

The special design ensures a very good grip. Easy focus.

Handy binoculars with extremely low weight and very small dimensions. However, it has GREAT POWER (range from 1000 to 7000 meters).


Technical data:

Model: 10-30x25

Magnification: 10x-30 times

Eyepiece diameter: 13mm

Lens diameter: 25mm

Prism: bak4

Coating: multilayer broadband with green film

Size: 127mm × 32mm X 32mm

FOV: 10 times: 3.5 ° ~ 30 times: 2.0 °

Focus mode: stretch or rotate - (two ways)

Housing technology: anti-slip

Easy folding to a compact size

Internal material: aluminum

Black colour
weight: 122g

The model is adapted for mounting on a tripod

WATER RESISTANCE: rain, splashing, short immersion in water

The package includes:
1 x monocular, telescope with a wrist strap
1 x storage bag
1 x clean cloth

Instructions in English