Historical sword replica

The following interesting models replica swords with scabbards historical and without sheaths. Many swords of this section are exact replicas of various historical periods. The sale of many unique and sought-after models.
The material from which the blade is made are zinc and aluminum alloy, stainless steel and high carbon steel. As complements to each replica sword can buy racks or hangers on the wall in sections of the same name. Sword replica is a great idea for a gift for someone special.

A sword was used mainly to cause thrusting and cutting injuries. It consists of a two-edged straight blade and a hilt (a singe-edged blade weapon is called a backsword). It was invented in the Bronze Age as a developed form of a dagger. The oldest prototypes were found in Turkey and they date to 3300 BC approximately. Swords were used almost all around Europe and Asia.

They were not only weapons, but they carried also a significant symbolic meaning. Loyalty was swore by the sword and it was used during a knighting or coronation ceremony. It often even carried a name. What is more, during the funeral of the last male descendant, it was symbolically broken. In the 19th century, it was started to produce more and more specimens of a sword replica. In our shop, you can find only best-quality, perfectly recreated copies.

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