Hero's Warsword CLAYMORE (WS501228)

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Net Price: €212.96 / szt. €261.94 / szt.


Circa 1200-1300
This massive Lowland Claymore is like one held by the Bruce clan which they assert belonged to Robert the Bruce himself. It is certainly the correct type for that age when knights wore mail, barrel helms and some small pieces of plate, just as the Bruce did. This type of huge sword could wreak havoc on that type of armor. The long blade is fullered and of a flattened cross section and is fully tempered high carbon steel. The parts are steel and the long grip is wood wrapped in cord for a good grasp. Large swords like this were not worn but carried over the shoulder with the flat of the blade down without a scabbard during this period.
Overall Length: 64"
Blade Length: 48"
Blade Width: 2"
Blade Thickness: 3/16"
Weight: 6 lbs / 6 oz
Grip Length: 13"
Point of Balance:
Steel: 1065 High Carbon