Survival Kit Backpacks

A survival kit in the form of a backpack is a product that facilitates, and very often even enables survival in extremely difficult conditions. Our store offers a wide selection of kits with various contents, so each and every customer can perfectly match the survival backpack to his or her individual needs. This product is successfully used not only in various types of survival camps but it is also great for camping, bicycle, or mountain trips.

Each survival kit consists of various accessories such as a flashlight, whistle, folding knife, compass, thermal blanket, screwdriver, fire striker, or a branch saw. In the store's assortment, among others, you will find a military survival backpack, a set intended for runners, or a rescue kit for the whole family. Due to the difficult weather conditions that may occur during the expedition, all sets and backpacks are made of waterproof materials, thanks to which nothing will be damaged.

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