Templar swords

Below we present a carefully selected collection of replica swords of knights templar. Many models of templar swords have blades made of high carbon steel is different from stainless steel or alloy of zinc and aluminum.
As a complement collection of replica weapons from the history of the Knights Templar offer replica daggers, replica helmets, replica shields, armor of the Knights Templar, flags, mugs, key rings, pendants, replica crossbows, capes, belts of the Knights Templar.

The order of the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, better-known as the Knights Templar, existed between the 12th and 14th century. It originated from a group of nine men who vowed to the patriarch of Jerusalem. Their initial role was to ensure safety on the roads and to defend places historically associated with Christ. After visiting the pope and gaining huge support at the synod, they started to become more and more wealthy and influential as the defenders of faith and the slayers of the infidels. However, in 14th a French king who was indebted to the Templars, accused them of heresy and after a long trial the order collapsed.

Templar swords derived from the blade style used by the Vikings. Their edges were made parallel to each other at almost the whole blade length and tapered a round point at the end. Templar swords were capable of penetrating leather and mail armor thanks to their blade shape. Many collectors consider them to be the symbols of the glory of the Middle Ages. They are also often used as impressive props in historical reenacments.

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