Viking Sword

Below we present a carefully selected collection of replicas of early Viking swords. Many models have blades made of high carbon steel is stainless steel other. As a complement collection of replica weapons from the history of the Vikings offer replica daggers, replica helmets, shields replica belts. Many interesting models are also in the section: "swords for training." Viking sword is a great idea for a present for someone really special.

Germanic Norse seafarers, known as Vikings, were famous of raiding and trading from Scandinavia across a huge part of northern and central Europe. They specialized in long sea expeditions in very characteristic longships. They managed to reach also the Mediterranean littoral, the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. In spite of being a non-literate culture in general, they developed their own alphabet and used it on runestones, thanks to which we can be more familiar with their history nowadays.

Vikings started fighting with swords in the early Middle Ages. The oldest discovered specimens come from the 7th century. Every free man was allowed to carry a weapon with him then. The Viking sword was highly appreciated because it was really mighty and it constituted a status symbol. It derived from the Roman spatha and was it presented the highest level of the steel purity and carbon content among its peers in the region. The most renowned Viking swords are the ones with the “Ulfberht” inscription on them. It is not certain if it it a word or a name of the blacksmith which became his brand, but those weapons were highly appreciated in their times.

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