STG 44 Replica

Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
Net Price: €208.88 / szt. €256.92 / szt.


This model is an exact replica of the original, which can give additional empty-dry shot (weight and dimensions as the original).

Manufacturer: Denix Spain (1125/C)


Our assortment includes this StG 44 replica, which is also named Sturmgewehr 44. This type of weapon is called an assault rifle and it origins from Nazi Germany, where it was widely used. One of the most innovative elements is the application of shorter cartridge. Interestingly, this designation was very similar to other models, such as MP 43 and MP 44. What is more, it is claimed by some sources that the full name of this weapon was chosen by Hitler for propaganda, as its name Sturmgewehr means to assault the enemy position. It was imperative to propagate the new class and the quality of weapon Sturmgewehr symbolised.

To 1945 were produced 425 thousand pieces. After WW II it was on Polish anti-communist opposition equipment and DDR Police.


Length: 93 cm
Weight: 4,7 kg

StG 44 works on gas-operated reloading, tilting bolt, full auto or semi auto (switched). It could fire 600 rounds per minute. The muzzle velocity is 685 m/s and effective firing range is 300 meters for automatic and 600 meters for semi-automatic assault. The magazine is 30-round detachable box for 7.92 x 33 mm Kurz ammo. It has hooded post sight in front of the barrel.

By all accounts, the StG 44 fulfilled its role admirably, particularly on the Eastern Front, offering a greatly increased volume of fire compared to standard infantry rifles and greater range than submachine guns. In the end, it came too late to have a significant effect on the outcome of the war.

This model is an exact replica made of zanac alloy and wood. It has removable magazine and the belt.


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