History of celtic swords

Celtic swords are among the oldest known, long iron swords. They have a distinctive appearance and function, with a sharp blade, often with a slightly curved edge, and handles usually made of wood. They are decorated with amber, ivory or gold flakes, reflecting Celtic beliefs and myths. These swords also had important ritual and symbolic significance. They were used by warriors and also played a key role in rites and rituals. The Celtic swords available in our Globalreplicas shop are objects of interest for lovers of history, archaeology and Celtic culture. Their mysterious and unusual aesthetic attracts the attention of people who want to know more about this culture.

History of celitc swords

An extremely important element in the history of the Celts, an Indo-European people who lived in areas of Central and Western Europe from around 1200 BC until Roman times, were Celtic swords. During the Hallstatt period, this group of talented craftsmen and warriors created unique swords, used iron and also introduced iron smelting and steel-making processes. With the development of the La T?ne culture, the construction of these swords became even more complex and their handles took on distinctive shapes, an expression of the artistic skills of the Celts, who often gave their swords symbolic and spiritual meaning or even personal names. The best example of this is King Arthur's, legendary sword, Excalibur. Unfortunately, many swords were captured or destroyed, but the influence of Celtic craftsmanship can be seen in Roman weapons.

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