Survival set emergency kit

Pic. 1. Survival set emergency kit

Survival set and emergency kit are the most important things to have on your journey. It doesn't matter if you are going on the long trip in the woods or it is just fishing with friends - take your complex set and feel safe andequipped. You will get everything which is necessary to survive even in the worst situations. Unexpected weather, getting lost in the field or a thick rope to cut will not be a problem for you. Check what you will find in our survival set, get ready and go on an adventure.

Our survival set kit usually contains

  • Long tinder
  • Tactical pen
  • 2x Paracord bracelet (includes compass, tinder and alarm whistle)
  • 2 x carabiner
  • Whistle
  • LED torch (does not contain finger batteries)
  • Small led flashlight
  • Large folding blade knife
  • Multi-functional multitool survival card
  • Open compass
  • 2x Thermal blanket
  • Water bottle clip
  • Wire saw