Military survival backpack

Pic. 1. Military survival backpack

Military survival backpack is a perfect choice for many occasions, not only for trips but it is also useful daily. It is very capacious and has many pockets, so that you can put there many objects and still have a lot of space inside. Furthermore, it has tapes so additional equipment can be attached to it. The Military survival backpack was specially designed to be convenient and good for your back while being worn. It was made of high-quality materials so it is resistant and can be used in a different weather condition without any concern.

Features of military survival backpack

  • High quality material and strong sewings provide product durability
  • 2 main chambers sealed for zippers:
    • main compartment, inside there is an additional partition
    • second compartment, inside there is a pocket with a sewn-in mesh
  • Tip removal at the bow:
    • a detachable saddlebag that can be worn as a kidney or an additional bag - has a handle - the saddlebag has a main compartment with a mesh partition. Front compartment with 3 pockets and 2 side zip pockets.
  • 2 sided removable pockets
    • 2 side detachable saddlebags - inside there is a compartment.

Standard product specifications

  • Dimensions: 50cm x 19cm x 40cm
  • Weight: about 1.36 kg
  • Material: nylon
  • Waterproof finish (rain, splashing, short immersion in water)