MP41 Schmeisser replica

The MP 41 Schmeisser is a unique self-propelled submachine gun designed by Hugo Schmeisser and used by the German Army during the World War II. It was created as a modification and development of the popular MP38 and MP40 models. Given the interesting history of the development of this weapon, it is not surprising that copies of the MP41 in the form of replicas, which we offer in our shop, are very popular. We take great care to ensure the high quality of our replicas, their realistic appearance, even using the same materials as the originals and also taking into account the functionality of the replicas in order to reproduce the finest details of the weapon as accurately as possible.

History of MP41 Schmeisser

The history of this gun is shrouded in mystery and although not widely known, it is central to the history of arms and warfare. The MP 41 was the result of attempts to combine different designs solutions and patents from Erma and C.G. Haenel, which led to legal disputes. Schmeisser used a hybrid of parts from the MP 40, MP 28 and MP 36, giving the weapon a unique character. The automatic mechanism of the Schmeisser MP 41 submachine gun worked on the principle of free breech recoil and was fed from a magazine with a capacity of 32 rounds, the receiver and fixed stock were made of wood. Production of the MP 41 was discontinued in 1942 because it was no better than the MP 40 in terms of standardisation, and it was much more time-consuming and expensive to produce, although copies already made, were used by the police until the end of the war.

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