BEAUTIFUL GUN plank with Coat and daggers (WTR-202)

Manufacturer: ITALY
Manufacturer's code: 8033075482848
Net Price: €62.73 / szt. €77.16 / szt.

  This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).


Manufacturer: Italy (WTR-202)

tabla length 44 cm

tabla height 44 cm

weight: 2.0 kg

This model is made of an alloy of zinc and aluminum, which prevents the alteration of a firearm (as defined in the Law on weapons and ammunition).

The handle is made of wood postarzanego.

Tablo is made of wood.

Guns are removed.

Before you wonderful set where you will find a pistol, two swords and arms. And all this in an elegant antiqued wood. Such a set is the perfect choice for a gift. Will be glad Birthday, while appreciating the efforts in the implementation of this work.