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This model is an exact replica of the original, which can give additional empty-dry shot (weight and dimensions as the original).

Manufacturer: Denix Spain (1119)


This is an exact, black replica of British Webley Mk IV. At the end of the First World War, the British military decided that the .455 caliber gun and cartridge was too large for modern military use and after numerous tests and extensive trials that a revolver in .38 caliber firing a 200-grain (13 g) bullet would be just as effective as the .455 for stopping an enemy. In service since 1932 to 1963. This model was produced in 500 thousand pieces.


Length: 27 cm
Weight: 0,7 kg

The Webley Mk IV is a top-break revolver with automatic extraction. That is, breaking the revolver open for reloading also operates the extractor. It has six-round cylinder for 9 mm ammo (.38/200). The muzzle velocity reached 190 m/s and effective distance was 46 metres. Highly effective on a short distance.

Replica was made of zinc and aluminum alloy. Black colored.


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