Cutter LETTERS MINIATURE - SABRE Karabela in box

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Cutter LETTERS MINIATURE - SABRE Karabela in box


Manufacturer: Armorers (Karabel)

The presented saber is a miniature replica popularized during reign of John III Sobieski karabela. The model served as a decorative cutter for opening letters. The karabela originated from the Turkish melee weapon. In Poland it was both ceremonial and battle weapon.


Length: 14,5 cm
Weight: 0,1 kg

It was made as a whole (blade and handle) of zinc and aluminum alloy.
The blade is smooth on both sides, finished by characteristic double-edged feather.
The hilt is karabela’s type, open, stylized on predator bird head with three rivets. The cross-guard has decorative ornamentation.

The set include tasteful etui for cutter with a karabela description.

The etui dimensions: 18,5 x 7 x 3 cm