HIGH figurine Doctor - Guillermo Forchino (FO85520)

Manufacturer: VERONESE
Net Price: €145.35 / szt. €178.78 / szt.

HIGH figurine Doctor - Guillermo Forchino

Brand: Forchino


Material: poliżywica, while the wax body parts and clothes are made of soft, colorful papier-mâché

The product has a signature Guillermo Forchino. The unique, limited edition figurines ironic and funny French artist-cartoonist Guilermo unchargeable Forchino figurine is certified originality and is packaged in an original paper printed history of the artist and his work.
This magnificent object can be a unique gift for your loved ones, or a unique decoration of any interior, giving it a truly historical character.

Dimensions are:
22 cm x 42 cm