M3 MACHINE GUN Cal. 45 Grease Gun Grease Gun II W.Ś. 1313

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  • Manufacturer: DENIX SPAIN
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M3 MACHINE GUN Cal. 45 Grease Gun Grease Gun II W.Ś. 1313

Producer: Denix

Material: zinc and aluminum alloy and plastic cladding


Weight: 2.97 kg


length in a straight line without a flask: 50 cm
Diagonal length without flask: 52 cm
length with a compounded flask: 57 cm
length with protruding butt: 74 cm
barrel length: about 18.5 cm

The model has a removable magazine and operating reloading system that adds realism and gives the opportunity to return the so-called dry shot.


Our replicas of firearms are made of special alloys, which makes it impossible to adapt them to the firing of any ammunition (our replicas are devoid of any weapon characteristics as defined in the Act on Weapons and Ammunition). It is not a real weapon deprived of utility in the meaning of the Act on arms and ammunition, where the process of depriving us of functional features is very strictly regulated by law (special gunworks, etc.). Our replicas do not constitute weapons or alterations and can be bought without permits as replicas. Replicas of firearms in our store are only decorative articles.