MANOR SABRE POLISH Karabela with scabbard XVII w.

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MANOR SABRE POLISH Karabela with scabbard XVII w.


Manufacturer: Spanish Armorers ((Karabel)

The presented saber is an exact replica of popular in the Polish Aristocracy circles - karabela. Designed on the base of Turkish infantry and cavalry swords – Janissaries and Spahis. Used as a ceremonial weapon and also in the battle.


Length: 99 cm
Blade length: 80 cm
Cross-guard length: 13,5 cm
Weight: 1,7 kg

The blade curved circularly, smooth on the both sides.
The hilt is so-called karabela’s – open, with the pommel modeled after an eagle’s head. This type of handle allowed to put little finger on the pommel and thumb on the back of the grip. Therefore it was easier handling of circular cuts while fighting on foot, and for swinging cuts during mountain combat. The grip made of wood with steel rivets. Characteristic cross-guard with arms finished in form of pyramids and triangular moustache. Ornamented by eastern motifs, radial semicircles and the bird in the center.

The scabbard made of wood covered by brown leather, decorated of brass fittings with engraved eagles.

The prize doesn’t include the stand.