Medieval Albigensian Cathar Sword 260

Manufacturer: ARMORER
Manufacturer's code: 0705632976234
Net Price: €84.72 / szt. €104.20 / szt.

Medieval Albigensian Cathar Sword 260

A purely decorative model



Blade: chrome-plated high-carbon steel

Handle: metal, richly engraved - the inscription Consolamentum - a Qatari rite of a sacramental character, ensuring the forgiveness of sins and symbolizing the admission of the faithful to the group of the Perfect

Overall length: about 94 cm

Blade length: about 75 cm

The width of the blade at the handle: about 4.5 cm

Blade thickness at the handle: about 5 mm

Weight: about 1.2 kg

The set includes a pendant for exposure to the wall 28 cm x 25 cm