Medieval Armor Suit Polish Hussar for Ottoman Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha

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Medieval Armor Suit Polish Hussar for Ottoman Grand Vizier Sinan Pasha

Hussar armor of the 17th century





Augsburg, 1590. 

The original made for "The great vizier Sinan Pascha, in exchange for extending the truce from 1592, which did not come to fruition, demanded the making of armor and firearms according to the appropriate instructions. Armor designs are in the Vienna Archives of the Financial Chamber and Court. 

Elements of weapons made in the oriental taste made for Sinan Passover, and in connection with the outbreak of the Turkish War (1592-1606), were not transferred. helmet and armor richly decorated Armor made of steel, four-breasted breastplate with a protector. 

Breastplate with a shoulder pad with a clavicle made on the basis of the original. helmet modeled (shape) in Wawel Castle after Tyszkiewicz. 

Shoulder handbags 9, not covering the breastplate. 

Vambraces modeled (shape) on the Hussar armor from Sweden. 

A whole armor etched with motif and in the style of a breastplate (oriental) Gilded etched parts remain the blackened part. 

Mattress lined by hand on red velvet. 

Weight about 20 kg. 

steel thickness 1.5-4mm 

Fully mobile.