Non-commissioned infantry officer of the Wehrmacht in 1942

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The soldier wears a uniformed blouse in gray-green color according to the pattern from 1936 (fastened with 6 buttons). Above the right upper pocket the National Emblem of the Third Reich, on a dark green collar, white stripes (a sign of infantry). The gear consists of a leather main belt and carrying harnesses, the equipment includes: a mess tin, masking baton, equipment bag, canteen in a cloth cover and a sapper (carried along with a bayonet). On the main belt, two canvas pouches holding three magazines for a MP 4 caliber 9 MP machine gun, which is a soldier's armament (each magazine holds 32 cartridges). Peacemaking was, among others, armed team commanders, but the main weapon was the classic repeatable rifle - Mauser 98k. On his head helmet according to the pattern from 1935, leather boots made of blackened cow's leather.
Michał Mackiewicz - Scientific employee of the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw

Figurine made in collector's quality, at the same time it meets the requirements of standards for toys from the age of 3.

Height of the figurine: 9 cm;
Material: plastic;
Figurine hand-painted.

Wysokość figurki: 9 cm;
Materiał: tworzywo;
Figurka ręcznie malowana.