ORIGINAL TEMPLAR SWORD with sheath (288/V)

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  • Manufacturer: ART GLADIUS
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This model is an exact replica of the original (weight and dimensions as the original).

Manufacturer: armorer Spanish (288/V)

length 110 cm
weight: 2.5 kg

This model is made of steel coated with chromium Toledan .. The sword is not sharpened or adapted for sharpening. Scabbard is made of leather.

Price does not apply to images presented on the stand

Before you great decorative sword Templar Order. Great replica will symbolize the need to fight. Such was the fate of the Templars, who helped, but defending their temples - also had to kill. Moreover, although in the beginning they were only guardians of pilgrimage routes, so then become one of the most important groups of the military. We recommend this wonderful replica of the sword of the Knights Templar. Additionally - elegant scabbard.